We’re Writing a Cookbook!

Yes, you read it correctly!

Each month, in real-time, we will be writing and filming our Mediterranean Dinner Party cookbook and sharing it with you. We’re thinking of this as an “at home” opportunity to cook the influential dishes of Italy’s great wine and food regions.

Chef Sara Hauman (Eater Young Gun, Zagat 30 under 30 and Bravo Top Chef contestant) will be crafting the recipes for each regional dinner party - we’re starting in Sicily then heading north to Liguria then circling all of Italy and the Med for the next year.

You will be able to see Chef Sara’s cooking videos on our social channels (TikTok and Instagram) and they will culminate with our monthly newsletter written by James Beard award-winning wine and food writer, Jordan Mackay (Secrets of the Sommeliers, The Franklin Barbecue).

This is a turn from the past year’s Newsmagazine where we covered issues ranging from Voting Rights to Mental Health. There are still many of those stories left to be told but when we set out on this journey we decided that we would tell new stories each year and work with different and incredible collaborators at every turn. And this year, literally and figuratively, we are hungry to feed ourselves and our souls. And we hope you join us on this journey.

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